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goodsociety Jeans - Organic Cotton Denim

GoodSocietyJeansOrganic, fairly traded denim that is fully sustainable. Designer jeans without obtrusive designer labeling and designer prices.

GoodSociety is a community of free thinking individuals who live for the greater good.

We band together to inspire noble living, effect social change, and we prefer to do it in style.

We are a fully sustainable, fully organic clothing company who cares about the world around us.

We believe in simple living, contagious giving and freedom for all.

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Our certified organic denim begins with approximately 1000 independent farmers in India.  These farmers are taught sustainable farming practices that are pesticide and fertilizer free.  This is one of the many stories of our denim that we love.

It's Good to Give

It's better to give than to receive.  But there's nothing wrong with a little bit of both.  For every pair of jeans purchased, Goodsociety will give a quarter to someone in need.  That's ¼ of our profits, not an actual quarter. That would be cheap.


Our passion is to create a line that makes a lasting difference. Fashion evolves and our fine organic denim eventually wears out. It’s the projects that we give to can have a lasting impact on individuals and generations. Giving profits is exciting to us, but getting a chance to spend time working with the people and organizations we support really allows us to see and feel the impact that is happening.


goodsocietyjeans2It might be education for children or housing for women escaping the sex trade, but the premise is still the same, all people everywhere deserve a chance and we believe that there is enough to go around.

To live out our values, Goodsociety gives a quarter of our profits away to local and international development projects. We love seeing the impact that our line can have because of the many people that proudly sport our mighty threads. We also love spending time with each project that we share our resources with. It’s these personal relationships and the goodness we see that inspires us to keep doing what
we are going.

Giving profits is the result of our approach, not the beginning of it. Our approach begins with independent farmers in India, trained in organic and sustainable production methods. Our supplier supports roughly a thousand cotton farmers, eliminating pesticide and fertilizer use and enhancing quality. A guaranteed purchase agreement with these farmers provides financial opportunity for education, infrastructure, and local development. Factory working conditions of the employees are of sincere conscientious standards. No exploitation. Fair wages. Safe work. No children. This process is formally coined ‘fair trade’.


©2012 Olive Fine Organic Living
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